Meet Carolina and Ricardo

Publicity still 'A Floresta das Almas Perdidas'
New publicity still for our feature film «The Forest of Lost Souls», featuring the two main characters: Carolina and Ricardo (as portrayed by Daniela Love and Jorge Mota).

"The lush undergrowth of The Forest of the Lost Souls cloaks manifolds secrets and stories of despair. The forest is Portugal’s most popular haven for victims of, and those contemplating, suicide.

 One summer morning, two strangers who have lost all hope in life enter the forest to escape, but find each other instead.  Ricardo (Jorge Mota) is an old and weary man. After his daughter Irene (Lilia Lopes) fell victim to a romantic pact gone wrong, she took her life in the glacial lake deep within the forest. Carolina (Daniela Love), an unstable hipster who finds fun in morbidity and death, befriends the man.  

Briefly distracted from committing suicide, they explore The Forest of the Lost Souls and the secrets it holds together. Dishonesty between the new friends leads them to discover darker, more terrifying secrets instead." Overview by Arielle Terpstra in

«The Forest of the Lost Souls» featured artist: CBMC

The song «March 1st» by CBMC is featured in the final act of «The Forest of the Lost Souls». «Cyberbully Mom Club» is a solo project by Shari Heck, from Philadelphia (USA). You can find more of her music in their official bandcamp site.