Best movies of 2017

US Horror Website Bloody Disgusting ranked The Forest of Lost Souls as one of the Top 10 Foreign Horror Movies of 2017.
Also, spanish blog El Primo de Ridley Scott and the editorial of Film School Rejects recognized our film in their Best of 2017 lists.
Portuguese blog Cineuphoria also ranked the year best, giving the film 7 nominations including Best Director, Actress and Supporting Actor.

Painel na Comic Con e Lançamento em DVD em Portugal

O Anexo 82 estará próximo dia 15 de dezembro na Comic Con Portugal para um painel sobre a nossa longa-metragem A Floresta das Almas Perdidas, seguido de uma sessão de autógrafos no stand da FNAC onde estará à venda, em exclusivo nacional, o DVD edição colecionista do filme publicado pela Last Exit Entertainment.

«The Forest» premieres in Brazil

The Forest of Lost Souls is premiering in Brazil on Nov.26 at the Boca do Inferno Horror Film Festival in S. Paulo

DVD details for Swedish Cult release of «The Forest of Lost Souls»

Swedish cult label Last Exit Entertainment have revealed cover art and extras for the Special Edition DVD of A Floresta das Almas Perdidas to be released in Sweden on December 11. More in their page.

«El Bosque» en FILMIN

El largometraje portugués «El Bosque de las Almas Perdidas» llega al mercado doméstico este 31 de octubre como apuesta de Halloween del servicio de SVOD FILMIN.  

En el lugar más triste del mundo dos extraños se encuentran. Uno de ellos se siente feliz de encontrarse allí. Una crítica deliberada hacia los adolescentes que se dejan seducir por la idea de la muerte y que caen en trágicos delirios donde sus amplificadas emociones reflejan las de sus héroes fallecidos.  

Ganadora del premio de Mejor Filme de la Competición Panorama en FANT Bilbao - Festival de Cine Fantástico de Bilbao, « El Bosque de las Almas Perdidas » fue la película de abertura de la Semana de Cine de Autor de Lugo y estuve en el CURTAS Festival de Villagarcía de Arosa.   A nivel internacional, el film fue aclamado por Variety y Newsweek la consideró una de las 20 mejores películas de terror del 2017.

«A Floresta» on National TV & Radio

As A Floresta das Almas Perdidas was released in Portugal on October 12, we were coverated on RTP 2, Antena 1 and Antena 3. You can watch it below:

«The Forest» awarded in Brooklyn, more dates

The Forest of Lost Souls enters its second weekend in Portugal in theaters.

The film was awarded BEST DIRECTOR at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival in its US debut.

Next week:
CURTAS Villagarcia de Arousa (Spain)
Cambridge Film Festival (UK) 
Lausagne Underground Film & Musical Festival (Switzerland) 
Cinelux Genebra (Switzerland) - One night only screening on October 30

The Forest at Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival

A Floresta das Almas Perdidas is oficial selection of the historical LUFF – Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival. It will be its swiss première in October.

Anexo 82 at San Sebastian

Anexo 82 is attending San Sebastian Film Market this weekend. Let us know to say hi!

«A Floresta» returns to Spain: Lugo

A Floresta das Almas Perdidas will open the official competition of the Lugo Film Week on September 18.
Our film won Best Film at the Panorama Competition of the Fant Bilbao Film Festival last May, so it's always nice to be back in Spain!
Composer Emanuel Grácio and director José Lopes in Lugo

«The Forest» arrives in Sweden in October

The Forest of Lost Souls will premiere in Sweden at the Monsters of Film Festival in Stockholm, on October 8.
The film will be distributed by Last Exit Entertainment in Sweden.

"The Forest" at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival

The Forest of Lost Souls will have its East Coast Premiere in October at the Brooklyn Horror film Festival.
The film will be released in North America by Wild Eye Releasing.

«The Forest» opens theatrically in Portugal and arrives to North America

Portuguese chiller The Forest of Lost Souls is coming your way in the end of the summer.
The film is opening theatrically in Portugal on October 12, via Legendmain Filmes.
Also the film is playing again in Spain in September, this time at the Semana de Cinema de Autor de Lugo (September 18).
The film is being released in North America by Wild Eye Releasing, but ahead of its release the film is being two festivals, one in the West Coast and one in the East Coast. News very soon.

«The Forest» on Variety - new dates

"the black-and-white stalker drama “The Forest of Lost Souls” is a nasty and impressive little thriller that goes about its business with ruthless cinematic efficiency."
Read the full review on Variety here.

The film is playing Grossmann Fantastic Film & Wine Festival in Ljutomer (Slovenia) this month.

Rue Morgue releases new photos and details on release

Rue Morgue magazine has released new images from The Forest of Lost Souls as well as some details on its release.
The film is debuting in the UK on May 27 at Manchester's Triple Six Festival.
In the USA, the film will be released by Wild Eye Releasing.

«A Floresta» awarded at Fant Bilbao

A Floresta das Almas Perdidas received the award for Best Feature Film at the Fantastic Panorama Competition of 27th Fant Bilbao - Bilbao's Fantasy Film Festival.

Director José Pedro Lopes and composer Emanuel Grácio attended the lovely festival in Spain.

«The Forest» haunts Sydney Film Festival

We're so happy to announce that The Forest of Lost Souls is part of the Freak Me Out section of the Sydney Film Festival that takes places in June in Australia. In the UK the film is playing on May 27 at Triple Six Film Festival.

We Are Indie Horror has published a lovely review of the film.
"Unlike Any Horror You’ve Seen!"
"Suffice it to say, The Forest of Lost Souls is a film quite unlike any other you’re likely to see this year. Shot in gorgeous black and white, Lopes has created a horror tale which draws you in with real human emotional interaction, then holds onto the viewer by way of a strangely fascinating sense of curious unease.
Going into further detail spoils the movie terribly, but Lopes continues on with a movie that takes the sense of humanity and interacts in The Forest of Lost Souls‘ beginning and turns it on its head, and really trusts the viewer to understand the changes which occur. It’s resolute in its vision, and the work of the cast is superbly restrained, with histrionics being far from the order of the day. It’s so subtle as to likely rule the opinions of genre purists, but for those with an open mind, The Forest of Lost Souls is a fantastic new kind of horror."

The film will be distributed in North America by Wild Eye Releasing, in Sweden by Last Exit Entertainment and is repped by Sharp Teeth Films.

«A Floresta» debuts in Spain at Fant Bilbao

The Forest of Lost Souls is premiering in Spain on May 8 at the historical Fant Bilbao, competing at the section PANORAMA FANTÁSTICO. More at the festival's website here.

The film is also playing on April 28 at Camiff2017 (Cameroon) and May 27 at Triple Six Festival (Manchester, UK). More premieres soon - and distribution news too.

The Forest of Lost Souls is a coming-of-age slasher film, an art horror movie from Portugal. Described by Screen Anarchy as "Grindhouse meets Arthouse", it was produced by Anexo 82 and filmed in Portugal and Spain.

«The Forest of Lost Souls» premiere in Africa and the UK

The Forest of Lost Souls has landed premieres for Africa and the UK.
On April 28 the film will screen at Camiff2017 - Cameroon International Film Festival, Nollywood's biggest film festival.
On May 27 it debuts in the UK at the Triple Six Festival - Manchester's horror film festival that will take place at the AMC Cinemas.

«The Forest of Lost Souls» in Lisbon at FESTin

After a warm world premiere at Fantasporto Film Festival, «A Floresta das Almas Perdidas» is part of the official competition of FESTin Lisboa, and will screen March 5 at Cinema S. Jorge.

Anexo 82 and the cast were at the festival to speak about the film in another crowded screening, where this art horror film standed out in a very quality driven artistic program.

Warm world premiere at Fantasporto

The Forest of Lost Souls had its world premiere last weekend at the Fantasporto Film Festival. The big audience in Rivoli was very into the film, and some news reviews have come out.
Cineuropa: "Lopes really stands out as a young filmmaker who is able to bring together several of his recognisable cinephilic references in order to bring to fruition a personal and carefully crafted debut project."
Screen Anarchy: "Fans of the art house horror genre will find much to like in Lopes’ feature film debut."




Cast & Crew at Fantasporto

Director José Lopes introducing the film

Next, the film is debuting in Lisbon at FESTin, in Cinema S. Jorge, Portugal's biggest film theatre.

Full soundtrack on Spotify

The full soundtrack of A Floresta das Almas Perdidas can be heard on Spotify, featuring the 4-track music score EP by Emanuel Grácio and songs by guest artists Hann Cassady, CBMC and No Vacation.

«A Floresta das Almas Perdidas» na capa do Região de Águeda

O nosso filme é capa do semanário Região de Águeda, na bancas a partir de 15 de fevereiro.

The Forest of Lost Souls on Canal Q

Director José Lopes and actresses Daniela Love and Lília Lopes are this week featured in the talk show "É a Vida Alvim", where they talk about The Forest of Lost Souls' premiere.

You can watch the full program below.

Find "The Forest of Lost Souls" at the European Film Market 2017

Anexo 82 is attending the European Film Market 2017 in Berlin from February 9 to 15. Find us at Portugal's stand or contact us to talk about A Floresta das Almas Perdidas.

World premiere on February 26

If you're in sunny Portugal on February 26, don't miss the world premiere of "The Forest of Lost Souls" in Teatro Rivoli, part of the Director's Week of the Fantasporto Film Festival. Tickets here.

The Forest of Lost Souls soundtrack now on Spotify and iTunes

A Floresta das Almas Perdidas' soundtrack is out today on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon!

This 4-track EP titled "The Forest of Lost Souls" was composed and performed by Emanuel Grácio, recorded in Dubai (EAU) and Coimbra (Portugal).

Promoting the film in Shortcutz Lisbon

We were this week in Shortcutz Lisbon to promote «The Forest of Lost Souls», in such a lovely festival were ten of our short films were screened.
Director José Lopes and cast Daniela Love and Lília Lopes unveiled some secrets for the film, and it release dates in Oporto (26/02) and Lisbon (05/03).

Anexo 82 in Porto Canal

Director José Lopes and cinematographer Francisco Lobo were in Porto Canal to talk about 'The Forest of Lost Souls'.
You can watch it in this link, starting minute 48 (portuguese only).

Theatrical trailer is out!

Here is the theatrical trailer for «A Floresta das Almas Perdidas», ahead of its premiere at Fantasporto Film Festival in february.