Irene (Lília Lopes) enters «The Forest of the Lost Souls»

Ricardo (Jorge Mota) is a sad old man, who gave up on life when his older daughter, Irene (Lilia Lopes), took her life in a romantic pact gone wrong in the glacier lake that rests hidden deep in the forest. Carolina (Daniela Love) is an eccentric, unstable young girl who finds all things related to death are fun.

As bumping into each other puts them off killing themselves, they decide to go for a walk to discover The Forest of the Lost Souls and see what they will find. As they walk deeper into the woods, they get to know each other and become friends: But one of them is not being honest; one of them is a dark and horrible person.

Originally titled «A Floresta das Almas Perdidas» is an upcoming coming of age slasher film produced by Anexo 82 (Portugal) in a co-production with Studio 2202 (UAE), Agente a Norte and Creatura.

The film is set for festival release in 2016.

Anexo 82 will be at the European Film Market 2016 with the film. Be in touch!