«The Forest of Lost Souls» to world premiere at Fantasporto 2017

Sadness is a blessing.
Carolina is an unstabble young girl who loves sad music, obscure literature and walking around The Forest of the Lost Souls, an isolated place known by the pratice of suicide.
In a summer morning, she meets Ricardo in the woods, an old man looking for his daughter.
A Floresta das Almas Perdidas is debuting in festivals in february at the Fantasporto - Oporto International Film Festival. In april it will have its african premiere at Cameroon International Film Festival - Camiff.

New promotional picture of «The Forest of Lost Souls»

Carolina and Ricardo discover the lake of «The Forest of Lost Souls»

"It's here ever since the Big Thaw. It doesn't come from a river. It comes from nowhere. It's just melted ice from the Ice Age. It's always been here, frozen in time."

Meet the sadness of Carolina (Daniela Love) and the mysteries of «The Forest of Lost Souls» in film festivals starting in February 2017.

In the world's saddest place, two strangers meet. But one of them is happy to be there. Ricardo is a depressed family man looking for the place where his daughter died. Carolina is a offbeat hipster who finds all things related to death fun. The two meet in a suicide forest - but one of them is a liar.

 News very soon.